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 This squirrel and I saw each other at the same time. Luckily he watched me long enough to get this shot of him. Taken in Missouri countryside.


 This early evening shot was taken in the Missouri countryside


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Paragraphs: Mysteries of the Golden Booby

"Paragraphs: Mysteries of the Golden Booby" is a romping mystery/thriller written by four established and award-winning authors -- Bob Doerr, David Harry, Pat McGrath Avery, and Joyce Faulkner. Set in South Padre Island, Texas -- and Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, the novel takes the reader on a search for the mythical Golden Booby. With "Legends of the Golden Booby," Bob Doerr kicks off the story with the hero of his Jim West mystery series and two new characters, Sam Wiesel and Clint Smith. South Padre Island author David Harry picks up the tale in "The Professor" and we learn about the Brownsville/Pittsburgh competition to acquire the priceless artifact. Pat McGrath Avery's Hap Lynch solves a murder in the museum that housed the beautiful bird in "Murder Can Be Golden." And Joyce Faulkner completes the puzzle in "Paragraphs." Like a winding road, the story climbs and falls, curves back around itself and speeds down the straight aways. The cast of characters includes island celebrities, familiar good guys, hissing villains -- and a really really cool bird!

Fun Days Books for Kids (travel guides for kids)

 Fun Days in Kansas City - now available

Fun Days in Pittsburgh - now available

Fun Days on South Padre Island, a fun travel guide for children. Introduces kids to places to see and things to do on South Padre Island.

All co-authored with Joyce Faulkner.

For Dog and Animal Lovers

Famous Dogs (& Other Critters) Too - Released 2016. With readers' interest and comments from the first Famous Dogs book, Luke and I researched more dogs and other animals who played an important role in history.

Famous Dogs: Changing History One Dog (& Cat) at a Time - Dogs walk along side their masters and therefore leave their paw prints in history. Take a look at how dogs helped to change the course of events and make life better for their people.

Grand Slam Grooming Dogs Speak Out! Luke interviews over thirty dogs who visit Grand Slam Grooming in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Luke is discovering it doesn't matter where a dog lives, a loving home is the key to contentment. 

Available in print, ebook and interactive iBook formats. 

15 Dogs and a Cat Speak Out! Learn what dogs and cats really think. Luke the Detective Dog interviews 15 dogs and a cat, asking questions that are important to him. A fun read for dog lovers and children of all ages.

The Hap Lynch Murder Mysteries

 Luke the Detective Dog sniffs out clues to help Hap Lynch, a retired cop, solve crimes. Murder Takes a Ride, the first book in the series, takes place in Branson, Missouri, where Hap discovers a body on a ride in an amusement park. Murder is for the Birds, set in the South Padre Island area, takes Hap and Luke into the world of birding. Murder Takes No Prisoners is set in Jefferson City, MO, when a state senator is murdered. The fourth book in the series, Murder Can Be Golden, is included in Paragraphs: Mysteries of the Golden Booby (with Bob Doerr, David Harry and Joyce Faulkner).

Consequence, based on the characters in Paragraphs: The Mysteries of the Golden Booby, is my latest book featuring Hap Lynch. 

Nonfiction Titles

Books: Emergence: The John Bax Story. John Bax emerged from a childhood of poverty and Nazi occupation in Belgium to a dazzling career as a sought-after cinematographer who traveled throughout North, Central and South America capturing the nesting and migrating habits of birds. Available in print and Kindle editions.

The Sharon Rogers Band, the story of a WWII USO all-girl band; Sunchon Tunnel Massacre Survivors, the award-winning story of the survivors of a death march and massacre in the early days of the Korean War (co-written with Joyce Faulkner); Role Call: Women's Voices, 53 women share their dreams. (co-written with Joyce Faulkner).

Book Awards

Consequence - Honorable Mention, The Author Zone (TAZ) Awards, Pittsburgh, PA, 2016.

Fun Days in Pittsburgh - 2014 2nd place award, The Author Zone, Pittsburgh, PA, 2015. Co-authored with Joyce Faulkner.

Famous Dogs: Changing History One Dog (& Cat) at a Time - 2013 Gold Medal, Stars & Flags Book Awards. 2013 Best e-Book, Association of Outdoor Writers. 2013 Silver Medal, Military Writers Society of America. Honorable Mention, Animals, Animals, Animals Book Awards. 

Murder Takes No Prisoners - 2013 2nd place Book, Association of Great Lakes Outdoor Writers.

Emergence: The John Bax Story - 2013 Gold Medal, Stars & Flags Book Awards. 

Murder is for the Birds - 2011 Best Book, Association of Great Lakes Outdoor Writers Awards. 

Role Call: Women's Voices Gold Medal from the 2011 Branson Stars & Flags Book Awards. Co-authored with Joyce Faulkner.

Sunchon Tunnel Massacre Survivors - Gold Medal in 2010 Branson Stars & Flags Book Awards. Co-authored with Joyce Faulkner. 

Blogs and such

Please visit my blog, I write about travel, events and things that brighten my world. Friday is Luke's day to interview other dogs! He wants his own blog - what do you think?

Facebook: http://www.facebook,com/PatMcGrathAvery

Twitter: iwritemyworld

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Joyce Faulkner is designing posters using my photography. Check out the webs store page to see the other Pittsburgh poster!